The most popular articles on Morningstar

Here are the 10 articles from which were of most interest to our readers in the month of February.

1) All you need to know about ELSS

The complete guide to tax saving mutual funds with select fund analysis.

2) 6 smart tips for micro-cap investors

This long-only, quality focused investor is always aware of what he owns. He dispenses some learnings for investors in smaller fare.

3) The SIP champions

Read on to find out how Vinod Jain and Rajesh Jha built 600 crore AUM in mutual funds.

4) An interaction with Vallabh Bhansali

Vallabh Bhanshali of Enam Holdings is a leading investment banker, investor, venture capitalist and capital markets expert. Here are some interesting insights into his thought process.

5) 4 good mid- and small-cap funds

In 2016, our fund analysts assigned four 'Silver' ratings to funds that fall in the Equity Small/Mid Cap category. Here are their views on the four funds.

6) A dozen things to note about PPF

The Public Provident Fund is a government backed small-saving scheme. Though initially started with the objective of providing social security during retirement to workers in the unorganized sector and for self-employed individuals, it has become a very popular tax-saving instrument.

7) 5 good large-cap funds

Here's what our analysts came up with in 2016 when assigning ratings for large-cap funds.

8) Should you invest in PPF or ELSS?

Comparing one to the other is not completely fair, given the fact that both are completely different products and target different needs in a portfolio.

9) 5 ELSS that are analysts looked at in 2016

Equity Linked Savings Schemes, or ELSS, are tax-saving funds where investments qualify for a tax deduction up to Rs 1,50,000 under Section 80C. Here are five funds that Morningstar India analyzed last year. Featured here are Reliance Tax Saver and DSP BlackRock Tax Saver, both excellent performers.

10) Impact of demonetization on residential real estate

The impact is instantly visible on the residential sector which has been experiencing excruciatingly slow growth in recent times.

Source: Morningstar India Website